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Sustainable Tourism – How Do We Do It?

Sustainable Tourism how do we do it?

As Glasgow prepares for COP26 where the declaration will be officially launched at the climate change summit in November and is described as an “urgent call” that commits signatories to a decade of climate action in tourism, we explain Sustainable Tourism and how we do it at Spirit Journeys Worldwide.

By its very nature, tourism destinations are valued by the resources that are most precious to the world in which we live;  beautiful landscapes, wildlife, culture and heritage and people.

Tourism can be the catalyst to the growth of a local economy, providing jobs, opportunities for business and enterprise and fund conservation efforts.

If tourism is not managed it can have a negative impact on communities, the environment and locals, creating long term negative and often irreversible impacts, resulting in tourism decline.

At Spirit Journeys Worldwide we do tourism in a sustainable way, believing firmly in supporting the communities and destinations that provide us with such amazing resources, stunning landscapes, heritage and wildlife.

Local, Small Accommodation Providers

When you choose us to book your holiday, we don’t use big chain hotels, we book small independent accommodation providers ensuring there is a personal touch and an opportunity to support the local economy and small local businesses.  Often these independent accommodation providers in turn support local suppliers of food and other services too, so your booking creates a bigger impact.

Small Activity Providers

Choosing activities during your holiday with Spirit Journeys is always exciting, whether it is a cycle trail or trek we seek to use small, independent activity providers with the skills, expertise and knowledge of the area, resulting in getting the best experience possible while supporting local jobs.

Enable Private Tours

One of the best experiences of a holiday is having personal insight into the area that you have chosen to visit, knowing the history of the area and what makes it so special.  By using local guides and booking private tours not only ensures that you get the benefit of that personal service and get to know the nitty gritty of the area but you are also contributing to providing jobs and supporting the local economy, keeping locals in the local area.

Stay Away From Honeypot Areas

Of course, we want you to experience some of the popular destination and what they have to offer that makes them so special but because we take the time to get to know the destinations and make use of local knowledge we can ensure that you experience your chosen destination without the hustle and bustle of crowds.  Local guides are able to show you places that are equally as special and beautiful but are hidden secrets and less know about.  They will also know when the quieter times are so you can visit the popular areas and enjoy them without them being too busy.

Spread Economic Benefit To A Destination

By making use of local communities, independent accommodation providers and local guides and activity providers you are spreading economic benefits to an area to help it to keep it special.  Eating in local restaurants and bistros, buying local goods and crafts all helps towards sustainability and the locals will be grateful for it and welcome you with open arms, that’s why at Spirit Journeys we do sustainable tourism.

Contact us to help you make your next holiday a sustainable, memorable one.


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