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Spirit Journeys Top Holiday Blogs 2021



Spirit Journeys Top Holiday 2021 blogs

As another difficult year living with Covid-19 comes to an end, we share with you our top Holiday 2021 blogs that have inspired and enthused our customers  to visit far off places and our homeland of Scotland with us at Spirit Journeys Worldwide.

If you missed our top 5 Holiday 2021 blogs, here’s a run down…

7 reasons to come on an Outlander Tour

We gave you 7 reasons to come on an Outlander Tour and follow in the footsteps of Claire Fraser.

On our tours we combine Scotland’s ancient monuments, famous battlefields, traditions, sea and landscapes and remote islands.  Discover legendary myths and folk law, unearthing hidden gems.  You won’t need to touch the Clava Cairns to be transported back through history, our knowledgeable and friendly tour guides will take care of that!

Read more here.

What to pack for your holiday

When you book a holiday with Spirit Journeys you might wonder what you should pack, so we gave a few tips in our ‘What to pack for your holiday’ blog.

At Spirt Journeys Worldwide we take all of the stress out of booking a holiday so all you need to do is decide what to pack for your holiday.

Our journeys take you around the world to Asia, Africa, Australia & Pacific, Canada & USA and Europe and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to think of what you need to pack for your holiday, so we have taken the stress out of that for you too. Read more here.

Responsible Tourism

In our Responsible Tourism blog we talked about how important tourism was and why it was as equally important to be responsible.

Since early childhood, everywhere you go, your family, friends and others, always tell you to be responsible, to take care.  Be responsible: at school, when you go out with your friends, when you fall in love, when you start any job, get married, become a parent…A real headache! But, when you go on a trip, you just get – Have a nice time, send a postcard, etc. Nobody says – Be responsible while travelling.

Luckily, things are stepping forward. Lots of individuals and travel companies are trying to influence others to think globally but act locally. What does it mean? It indicates that travelling is much more than just selfish ‘I’ve come here to enjoy myself’ attitude.

It’s a serious set of rules you should follow in order to be a responsible traveller. It includes respect towards environment, local community, cultural heritage and economic needs of the countries you travel to.

Take a look at ‘Responsible Tourism – It Does Matter’ blog for some top tips.

What to pack for a cycle tour in Scotland

Cycling in Scotland is one of the most popular pursuits.  The Scottish landscape and natural beauty beckons you outdoors and take in as much of it as you can manage.  We gave you some tips on what to pack for your cycling tour in Scotland to ensure you enjoy your holiday and make memories to last a lifetime.

We have a variety of cycle tours in Scotland including:

Loch Ness 360

Speyside & Moray

Hebridean Way

Whichever one you choose you will enjoy cycling on quiet country roads and off road trails, by the shores of Loch Ness or the coast, into the hills and forests or crossing ten islands.

After a day of cycling, you will return to your accommodation where you will relax and sample local food and drink and maybe take a walk locally to take in more sights on foot.

Read more about ‘What to pack for a cycle tour in Scotland’ here.

7 reasons to visit Scotland

We didn’t just give you one reason to visit Scotland, although you may not need more than one, but we gave you seven reasons to visit Scotland!

Scotland has been the source of inspiration for poets, novelists, musicians, actors and more thanks to it’s beautiful landscapes, vast history and culture.  In this very popular blog we share some of the reasons we think you will love Scotland.  Check it out here.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blogs, tips and information.  Keep following us for more inspiration.


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