Laos is an enigmatic experience for the visitor, a place where vivid nature, beautiful landscapes and a vibrant culture collide.

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View for sunset in Vang Vieng, Laos.
A view of karst from Pha Ngern covered in greenery under the sunlight at daytime in Vang Vieng in Laos

Laos is an enigmatic experience for the visitor, a place where vivid nature, beautiful landscapes and a vibrant culture collide. Tradition is cherished in Laos in contrast to many other parts of the region where traditions have been swept away in frenzied development. It’s difficult to believe sleepy Vientiane is an Asian capital. There is a timeless quality to rural Laos, where stilt houses and paddy fields look like they are straight out of a classic film. In Luang Prabang witness one of the region’s iconic image, the magical sight of hundreds of saffron-robed monks gliding through the streets every morning. Here you will discover a country that might be described as Asia in slow motion, one untainted by mass tourism. Laos, a crossroads of Asia, is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the region. In the remote mountains of the north, the hardy Hmong people live off the land. Traditional face tattoos are still worn by Kahu and Alak elders in the south, and in central Laos Katang villagers sleep with forest spirits. Laos offers unique opportunities for local interaction, whether in the cities of the lowlands or the villages of the highlands. The landscape of Laos is divers from dark, brooding jungles to glistening emerald rice fields, and tea plant leaves blanketing the mountains. But it’s not just the beautiful landscapes of Laos that are green – Laos is now leading the way for eco-tourism in Southeast Asia. Visitors rave about Laos for a reason. Those seeking adrenaline can explore underground river caves, fly on jungle ziplines or test their skills while climbing karsts. A walk on the wild side in Laos is just the thing for nature enthusiasts where exotic animals such as elephants or gibbons can be spotted. For lovers of culture, an exploration of ancient temples and immersion in Laos spiritual life is an unforgettable experience. Lovers of food can spice up their lives with a Lao cooking class or go gourmand in the French-accented cities – Laos has something for everyone.

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