Borneo boasts some of the world's most wildlife-rich equatorial rainforests, incredible landscapes and a rich culture.

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Fog covers distant trees on a limestone mountain side, Laos

Borneo boasts some of the world’s most wildlife-rich equatorial rainforests, incredible landscapes and a rich culture. From its ancient rainforests and diverse jungle wildlife to the shimmering waters of the South China Sea Borneo is a delight for the visitor. Culturally it is varied, and age-old traditions of hospitality mean visitors are welcomed. Most cities have significant Chinese communities. The picturesque coastal kampung (villages) of Sabah, is populated mainly with Malays. In other parts of Borneo you can interact with the Iban, Dusun, Murut, Penan and other indigenous groups. The ancient customs and ceremonies of the Dayak groups still live on in the longhouse communities. Yet, you can rest assure they did stop headhunting long ago!  Borneo’s varied ethnicities and cultures mean the island’s cuisines are wide-ranging and delicious. Chinese restaurants serve seafood from the South China Sea. Look for smoky satay stalls at Malay night markets. Set your taste buds on fire at some of the Indonesian eateries, where spicy sambal, a spice paste made with chilli and is a cornerstone of Indonesian dining. Borneo’s numerous indigenous groups offer further diversity, from the sublime cooking of the Kelabit people to Iban dishes such as bamboo chicken and mid in jungle fern.  Try out Dayak cuisine as it is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

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