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July 23, 20200

There are many animal species out there, currently at a very real risk of extinction. Humans have, for too long, been highly inconsiderate of other animals, with several species already having become extinct. Sadly, it is too late for them but if we are more mindful in the future, we absolutely can change the outcome for animals, currently on the endangered list, such as the mountain Gorilla, and tigers among many others.

This does not have to be bad news for tourists, however as more and more tour operators are making an effort to encourage responsible travel and create tours that will ultimately help protect critically endangered animals, as well as precious eco systems. Tourists now have the opportunity to visit places, such as the Ugandan mountains and observe the incredible mountain gorillas in their own habitat, all the while, contributing to the local economy and helping with conservation efforts that are desperately needed so that these animals are to thrive for many years to come.

Responsible Travel is something we feel very strongly about here at Spirit Journeys Worldwide and for that reason, we have been introducing many trips aimed specifically at people with a passion for wildlife and conservation who would love to enjoy the trip of a life-time, knowing that they are actively helping to protect critically endangered species, just like the beautiful mountain gorillas of Uganda/Rwanda.

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