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5 packing tips for a self-drive holiday in Scotland


5 packing tips for a self drive holiday in Scotland

Self-drive holidays are becoming more and more popular, particularly in Scotland where you will find some of the most amazing scenery in the world.  At Spirit Journeys we want to ensure that your self-drive holiday is comfortable and enjoyable, so we have come up with 5 packing tips for your self drive holiday in Scotland.

A self-drive holiday in Scotland gives you complete control over your itinerary.  Take our NC500 Self Drive Tour for example, we will arrange everything for you from car hire or Campervan hire to accommodation and daily breakfasts.

We will give you a suggested itinerary with plenty of tips for places to visit or just stop off to enjoy the scenery, food and those all-important photo moments.

To fully prepare you for your self-drive holiday follow our top 5 packing tips for your self drive holiday in Scotland.

Pack Logically

You’ve heard the saying ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ right?  Well, you don’t need a kitchen sink for a self-drive holiday in Scotland because of the convenience that a self-drive holiday offers.

Having everything you need at hand in the car is much more convenient than having to carry items around in a bag all day with you.

Pack safely, the last thing you need is so much luggage that you can’t see out of the rear window.  And pack logically so that you don’t need to empty your car at each overnight stop.

Don’t forget your documents

You will need to remember your drivers’ licence and any additional paperwork such as booking information and insurance documents.  And remember that if you have an additional driver, they will need their documents too.

Keep your documents to hand, the glove compartment is the ideal place to keep them.

Pack an emergency kit

Although it is unlikely you will need it, an emergency first aid kit will ensure you are prepared for every eventuality for your self-drive holiday in Scotland.  Keep a fully equipped first aid box with plasters, dressings, antibacterial wipes and pain killers.

Packing extra snacks and water to keep you fuelled throughout the day or in the event of an emergency.  There is a useful ready prepared checklist provided by the NHS available here.

Don’t rely on technology

Sat-nav’s and smartphones are very convenient when travelling on a self-drive holiday, however, signal strength in some of the most remote areas along the NC500 Self-drive tour can often drop.

Packing a paper map of Scotland and local maps are useful for those times when signal strength is not so good.

You will also notice other nearby attractions that you might have missed if you were following satnav instructions.

Capture your memories on camera

The NC500 will take you through some of the most breath-taking scenery you may see in your lifetime, not to mention the wildlife, attractions, coastlines, lochs and mountains so you will definitely want your camera.

And don’t forget the charger or spare batteries!

At Spirit Journeys we want your self-drive holiday to be memorable, so ensure that you are equipped for all eventualities, pack logically and remember your documents and a paper map to get you off to a great start.

Now all you need to do is decide if you will take a car or campervan.

Contact us to discuss your next self-drive holiday in Scotland and let us help make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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