Yoga Retreats – perfect getaways from reality

Yoga Retreats – perfect getaways from reality
Yoga retreat

 Nowadays, yoga pops up as an answer to many problems. For example, if you are under pressure, work too much, people say – go to a yoga class. If you have problems in your relationship, job, etc. – go to yoga. If you are overweight, feel tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy, again, the perfect answer is – go to yoga. A few days ago, my neighbour, a type of ‘ SheKnowsAll’ person, told me she has been practicing yoga for some time because – she knows – yoga is good for her health. Well, that’s definitely a sign. Seriously, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to physical exercise and Meghan Trainor’s All about that bass is all about me! So, these days I’m thinking about discovering the magical power of yoga myself. You know, because it’s good for my health! Maybe I sound a bit ironic but I’m definitely not. In my opinion, responsible people should do their best to connect their mind and body and keep themselves in good shape. Mens sana in corpore sano.meditate-1851165_960_720

I was truly dazzled when I read all about the benefits of yoga. It can really change your life. There’s a wide range of reasons to start with yoga, from – it boosts your immune system and improves your general health, helps with pain relief, brings your body/mind/soul into harmony, etc. In general, it makes you feel more comfortable with your inner self and logically, this leads to better communication with the outer world and its challenges.

On the other hand, yoga should become a significant part of your life in order to enjoy the full benefits of it.

For example, if you love to travel, you can do both travel and practice yoga. There are loads of amazing yoga retreats. They offer different things but all have something in common – picture book, simple and almost intact natural surroundings, where everything serves to one idea, to bring you back to yourself and make you become stronger and more positive.

For instance, if you choose to travel to some exotic destination where you can enjoy both yoga and sea issues such as, fabulous beaches, cruising, sailing…it’s possible. You’re only one click/ phone call away from it. I read a lot about yoga retreats and if I start practicing yoga seriously, then my perfect holiday would be Kerala Backwaters mixed with yoga. Absolutely fantastic! The wonderful sea, impeccable beaches, and relaxing yoga classes…Don’t want to call it an Earth paradise – I will!South India

Current life trends take their toll so many people have problems with their weight, eating habits, lack of physical exercise and depression. Instead of taking medicines, it’s better to try yoga healing. There are tons of holidays that cover all these problems and, yes, they’re affordable. So, dig into the search, and find your perfect match. Is it yoga wellbeing, spa, detox, or yoga mixed with juice retreats? Spending less time with your friends/ family? There are wonderful family/ friendly yoga retreats where you can strengthen your family’s bonds. On the other hand, if you seek to find your peace and solitude, then you should try to reach Zen in some of the Buddhist centres where you can practice yoga and meditation in order to reach the higher level of wisdom as well as your inner peace.balance-1842292_1920

This is my personal choice. What’s yours? Choose a yoga retreat that best suits your needs, pack your mat and let yourself into the magic of yoga! I will.

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