Why visit Scotland?

Why visit Scotland?
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When you say – Scotland, the first images that come to your mind are – fabulous nature, turbulent but passionate history, magnificent castles, a homeland of golf, kilted Highlanders and plenty of friendly people. In one word, you can explore Scotland in many different ways, from various points of view. All of them give a memorable discovery and experience of this amazing country.

If you’re a nature lover and seek to enjoy fantastic landscapes, just let the stubborn Scottish winds take you through the charms of Scottish nature… Everywhere you go, you’ll be impressed and feel nothing less than respect at the sight of the untamed, towering mountains pebbled with deep lochs and glens, moorland, beautiful coastlines and sandy beaches.

For instance, immerse into the charming Isle of Arran. Known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’, this small island is a mirror image of the wonderful Scottish scenery. It’s a great opportunity for trekkers and cyclists to try the exciting paths that twist through the dense forests. The place abounds not only in picturesque sites, Arran offers a wide range of archaeological and historical treasures. Walk around, discover the castles and prehistoric stone circles, let them tell you the stories about past times and people…

You can’t say you’ve seen the best of Scotland, if you haven’t gone to the Highlands – a perfect piece of nature. Words are simply not enough to describe the beauty of the Highlands. You must experience it by yourself. Its steadfast natural features and pleasant people will engrave into your memory for sure.

If you fancy adventures, go to the world famous Loch Ness. The place owes its fame to the mystical monster Nessie. We’ve all heard the story about Nessie, but, you never know, maybe this story is a true one. Go and check! Seriously, it’s worth seeing. You can take an exciting boat ride along the calm loch and drop by its famous neighbour, a center of many ancient legends – the monumental Urquhart Castle.


When it comes to castles, their fairytale look enchants and draws attention of the worldwide visitors. There are 17 spectacular castles only in Aberdeenshire. You’ll be dazzled at the sight of Crathes Castle, Craigievar Castle and all the fabulous stories and legends about kings and queens you’ll have a chance to unveil there. Ever seen the film ‘Brave Heart’? Whether you’re a fan or a ‘hater’ of this film, you should visit Stirling Castle. Situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Stirling played a significant role in Scottish history. It is known for the fabled Battle of Stirling, where a legendary hero William Wallace( the blue eyed Mel Gibson) won a victory for Scottish independence.


Did you know that Scotland is the birthplace of golf? This is probably the most interesting Scottish invention and is nowadays one of the world’s most popular and distinguished sports. Scotland can boast with many high ranked golf courses. Among them, St Andrews Golf Course, Castle Stuart and the Turnberry stand out as the most spellbinding and absolutely must-play golf courses. If you have a strong desire to meet some famous people, you are most likely to meet them here!


As a devoted and passionate poetry lover, I can’t help but mention one of my favourite poets – Robert Burns. If you want to understand and grasp the true spirit and character of Scotland, you must read a few masterpieces of this country’s most famous son. It’s a great idea to follow the Robert Burns Heritage Trail to learn about his life but also explore some of the most stunning parts of Scotland.

I’ll finish in Robert Burns’ style:

Farewell to the Highlands,
Farewell to the North,
The birth-place of Valour,
The country of Worth;
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

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