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Bali Explorer

Bali is much more than just the island of popular beaches. We know how to scratch beneath the surface, explore the amazing Bali with Spirit Journeys.
8 days
Available as a private tour all year round, Small group departure also available please contact us for details

Sailing & Yoga Cruise

If you are looking for an adventure on the waves which includes the atmosphere and character of traditional sailing but still with the comfort and luxury found on most modern cruises; you have come to the right place.
9 days
August, Non yoga cruises available year round. Please contact us for more details

Thailand Food Trails

From the bustling urban markets of Bangkok to rural restaurants in the north and northeast, this 11-day tour allows you to discover the ancient art of Thai food, from sourcing the ingredients to cooking your own authentic dishes.
11 days

North India Yoga Retreat and Tour

We invite you to spend 12-day holiday in exclusive North India yoga resorts placed deep in mountains of the Himalayan range.
12 days
9th Sep 2019

Gorilla Trekking Tours Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking Tours Rwanda. Meet the land of thousand hills, discover the breathtaking Rwanda.

Gorilla Safari Tours Uganda

Discover Uganda - meet the difference!

Tailor Made Scotland

Come with us to Scotland, the home of whisky, golf and impeccable natural beauty.

Scotland Tattoo and Highland Games

Immerse yourself in the Highlands of Scotland culture and tradition.
4 days
Meditate in the Mountains of India

Meditate in the Mountains of India

Spirit Journeys is welcoming you to Meditate in the Mountains of India.
8 days


Our photography adventure in Cambodia and Vietnam offers the beyond ordinary journey through these amazing countries.
Available as a private tour all year round

Spiritual England

England is full of spiritual and sacred sites and on this tour you will be seeing some of the very best there is to see. World famous destinations such as Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury are steeped in myth and legend, offering some of England's most spectacular sites. Over the course of a week you will have the opportunity to visit many of these places and experience them for yourself. Enjoy beautiful scenery, charming English countryside, ancient megaliths and modern hospitality; Immerse yourself in the magic of it all -- an absolute treat for the soul.  
8 days


Our Hanoi - Saigon cycling tour is taking you across beautiful scenery, picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches, simple village life.Meet Vietnam from a different point of view.
10 days