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This is how it usually starts…You spin a globe, dance with your fingers until finally, you point your finger and choose the next destination. Or, you search the internet, books, encyclopedia, whatever…On the other hand, most people choose their future travel destination after a recommendation. Why not? Instead of experiencing wild shots and playing with the unknown, asking for other people’s opinion sounds like a great idea. Also, professional travel agencies pop out as a reasonable and good choice as well. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to India, but I often dream about visiting. It seems that my finger somehow points here very often. For this reason, I want to write about India from two points of view. My own  – I’ve never been there, so I can only imagine it…And, according to experience of people who were privileged to visit incredible India.
When my mother came back from India, she said: ‘What an experience…amazing…India is unlike any other country!’
Everything I’ve read about this fabulous country somehow fits in with her opinion.
India is possibly the most profound place in the world thanks to its monumental culture, religious diversity, colourful, vivid and passionate life philosophy.
Indian people are the true and pure spirit of India. The brimming streets of India are in fact a huge theatre where the entire drama of their life happens. They are born and die there. Celebrate festivals together, share every moment of their life, no matter what…
For all these and many other reasons, I will visit India one day, and you should definitely do the same.
Now, someone who’s really been there, will share their first-hand experience with us about the real India.

Julia MacLeay, the owner of the Spirit Journeys Worldwide has recently come back from her exciting journey around India. I’ve talked with Julia about her impressions and things she saw and experienced there. This is what she said…
Me: Julia, how would you describe India in three words?
Julia: Mystical, magical, mesmerizing…
Me: What places did you visit and what were your most striking impressions?
Julia: I visited so many places…First of all, Delhi. It’s a busy city, very hot and abundant in various smells.
Next, Dharamsala…I met some very friendly people there. The most striking impressions was its clean air, the beautiful sounds of the birds and the snow capped Himalayas.
Then we went to Jaipur for a conference. It’s a bustling city with a very hot climate.Also, Shahpura Bagh is really impressive, a real piece of heaven. I also visited the village and one of the local schools there. Udaipur…a beautiful town with fantastic lakes… And one of the most impressive places I visited was surely Ranthambore National Park…to see its wildlife and be at one with nature was such an experience…
Overall, I’m dazzled by the India I met during this exciting journey. I remember all the exotic smells, stunning people, fabulous energy and, yes, India is something different, something incredible. You can’t describe it, you have to experience it…
Me: How would you describe Indian people?
Julia: Indian people are extremely hospitable, very friendly and love to chat.
Me: Would you like to come back again and why? Julia: Yes, of course. I love India, it is full of character, mysticism and leaves an everlasting memory. I now have a great need to explore this vast country further and get to know it more.
Me: Would you recommend India to others?
Julia: For sure. You can’t say you’ve seen something different and unique if you haven’t seen India. It’s a real jewel, so everyone should visit this wonderful country.

This is what Julia has to say about incredible India. Thank you Julia for sharing your precious experience and opinion with all of us. Below enjoy photos that Julia shared with us from her travel.






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