Spirit Journeys Worldwide- experience, memories, and nurturing self-growth

Spirit Journeys Worldwide- experience, memories, and nurturing self-growth
Spirit Journeys Worldwide

Spirit Journeys Worldwide is all about experience, memories, and nurturing self-growth. We genuinely care about our customers, and ensuring that your travels leave you with everlasting memories and nostalgia, whilst providing rejuvenation and a new outlook when you’re back to the hustle and bustle of life is our aim.

Our founder, Julia Macleay, was first bitten by the travel bug over 20 years ago and has since made safari travel arrangements for BBC Alba (she promises her name is in the credits), and won Scottish honeymoon/travel planner of the year 2015. We find out a little more about the lady behind her the brand…Awards Owner Julia

“Travel is my great joy of life and always has been. I love people to experience the world the way I see it,” she explains. “My greatest holiday is when I went sailing on the Star Flyer sailing ship with my 9-year-old son. It happens to also be his greatest adventure, and he still talks about it to this day.”

Julia Macleay and her son

Julia becomes audibly excited when she recounts a particularly memorable group of single women. “They came to Scotland on an Outlander tour. Some had never travelled alone before, only with their husbands, some were divorced and widows. It was a real challenge for them to travel alone. This group of ladies became friends, overcame their fears, travelled from the USA and Australia to Scotland, and had a fantastic experience!”

On Outlander tour

Of all the countries that she’s visited, India is her favourite. “The people there are kind and considerate, even though there is poverty and corruption. I have only ever seen kindness and great hospitality whilst I’ve been there.”

Whilst Macleay may be a champion of wanderlust, she also loves to share her own world with clients. “I am proud to be Scottish, although I have Irish ancestry as well, and take great pride in showing people around Scotland and Ireland.”

Her zest for life and upbeat personality is evident within her Scottish twang. “Life is too short to be unhappy, we all need to grasp opportunities and not let our fears hold us back.”

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Patricia Taul
October 16, 2017
I was a member of the Outlander tour. It was a fantastic experience, one that I will never forget. First time I have ever traveled by myself and first time out of the US. Hopefully I will be able to go in 2019. Thank you Julia!
October 17, 2017
Thank you Patricia. It was great to meet you and everybody else on the trip and we are planning a special tour for you all in 2019.xx

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