Q and A with Ginger and Summer of the Outlander Podcast.

Q and A with Ginger and Summer of the Outlander Podcast.















Today we bring you a Q band A we conducted recently with Ginger and Summer of the Outlander Podcast to find out what makes Outlander so special to them and its legions of fans and why you should join us on the best adventure of your life #PodAbroad2019

Q. Why Outlander, what was it that drew you to this amazing series set in our wonderful country?

A. Summer first found the Outlander book series in 1997 when there were only four books. She tried to get me to read them but I didn’t start until 1999. So we have been fans for well over 20 years now.

As for the draw of Outlander, it’s a lot of things: Scotland, history, intrigue, danger, a sexy male protagonist (There’s a reason he’s called the “King of Men.”)

As Diana says, Outlander is the story of a marriage. Though Claire is out of her time, she’s a modern woman. Granted, not contemporary with us, but much closer to us than an 18th-century person. So we feel part of the story and we experience it along with Claire, as she is dropped into the unknown. The fact that Outlander is told from entirely Claire’s perspective is intriguing. By spending so much time in one character’s mind, seeing things through her eyes, we couldn’t help but rejoice when she rejoiced; suffer when she suffered; and love when she loved.

Q. What was the reason behind starting the podcast?

A. Like many fans, we thought it would be (maybe) great to see our favorite series adapted for screen, and it’s true that the series had been optioned for film several times. But nothing had ever come of it. In June 2013 when we read the article that Outlander was being adapted for television and names like Starz and Ron D. Moore were attached to it, we thought for the first time that this really could happen. And if so, we wanted to be a part of the fan experience, not just BE fans. There were many blogs out there, others doing video blogging, but I didn’t want to do something anyone else had done in this space. I’d been a podcast fan since about 2008 and had fantasized about doing my own show one day, but had no idea what that looked like. When this production came along, it seemed like the perfect time to jump in. I looked and looked and there was no podcast dedicated to Outlander at the time. So I asked Summer if she’d do one with me, and she said yes.  

Q. So a logical next step would be to visit where it is set, why choose Spirit Journeys?

A. We’d worked with Susan Brown, our guide, to find operators to send out bids to, and when we learned about Spirit Journeys, so much of our search came together. We knew Julia and her company had the experience in the industry, were familiar with Outlander-themed tours, and would handle the finances expertly. 

Two things that stuck out to us were that they were located in Inverness, and so had the ability to help us out when we were in country, and that they used a trust account to handle guests’ funds. This made us feel very comfortable that the trip and our guests were in the right hands.

Q. Tell me what someone can expect from the next pod abroad?

A. We’ve changed the itinerary slightly to make sure it’s not too duplicative, but it will still have many of the filming and historical locations guests enjoyed during Pod Abroad 2018. We’ve added a distillery tour, an exclusive vendor evening, and are planning a fabulous leaving dinner at Hopetoun House.

Q. What are you looking forward to doing or seeing the most?

A. I think we’re most excited for the leaving dinner! We were able to tour Hopetoun House in 2018 with our guests, and can’t wait to have it host our next group of guests in 2019.

Q. What would you say to someone who is still undecided about whether or not to go?

A. First of all we’d say, if you love Outlander, you will love this trip. Period! Then we’d want to know what questions we could answer. We are doing live Q&As on various social media platforms and plan to feature some of our alumni from 2018 so prospective guests can ask questions of people who have already gone.

For more information you can head over here

Pod Abroad 2019 Tour page https://www.spiritjourneysworldwide.com/tours/outlander-scotland-tour-podcast/   https://www.outlanderpod.com/podabroad/

Outlander Podcast link https://www.outlanderpod.com/

Outlander map https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/attractions/tv-film/outlander/

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