Juice retreats

Juice Retreats

Spirit Journeys Worldwide are pleased to offer you our special health and wellbeing program for our juice retreats.

Ever thought that you work too hard and rest too little? Do you want to improve your health, detox your body, relax from everyday life?

To get rid of unnecessary weight and toxins?

Then our juice retreats are the right retreat for you.

Spirit Journeys Worldwide offer luxury resorts situated right on the beach. Our team consists of doctors, nutritional and detox specialists, dieticians, nurses, sports activity specialists, psychologists, massage specialists from Bali plus other specialists.  They will teach you all about healthy living and start a juicing programme that is tailored to your individual needs. They will also help you to create a plan so you can carry on juicing long after you have returned home.

Where can you go?

Our juice retreats are worldwide in many beautiful destinations, including Spain, Turkey, Brazil, India, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Peru, Thailand, Greece, Scotland and Australia.

If you want to take a break from your everyday routine, it’s time to join one of our juice retreats specially created by Spirit Journeys Worldwide.

Contact us to find the ideal retreat for you


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