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The pagan origins of Christmas in Scotland

Christmas has passed as well as New Year’s mania… To tell you the truth, I love all that fuss and frenzy about New Year’s Eve bash, snazzy style all around…I love when people are happy. But this doesn’t mean that the fun has to end here. No way. Why don’t we convert things this year and say – New Year has passed but the real party begins! I was eavesdropping on people’s street talk a day before New Year. pexels-photo-196667One thing was interesting…they all shared the same feeling that the previous year was hard and were highly optimistic about the upcoming one…A friend of mine always reads horoscope when a new year starts, she has also told me this year is promising. Lol!

Generally, I’m more inclined to look at the bright side of everything, so I’m fine with this  optimistic attitude. According to my opinion, New Year is a great opportunity to draw some lines, to be honest with ourselves, to re-evaluate important people and things, to make fabulous resolutions and to create good plans for future. For example, to start new things. I got loads of offers for various courses – the best courses – to make you stand out in 2017., to stay focused on your goals, major ways to deal with stress, skills that will make you super successful, etc. So, the basic idea is to work on your own initiative and seek to improve yourself. The real growth comes with hard work and sweat.

massage-therapy-1731456_1920On the other hand, if you love yourself you should make yourself happy in every possible way. Starting with small things and pleasures till reaching the big ones. In my case, travelling is that big, magic word. To travel means to explore, to expand experiences, points of view, to broaden horizons. People mostly travel for holidays. Totally wrong. The current life pace is stressful and energy-eating. Why don’t we organize travels for at least weekends? It’s affordable, it takes less effort but brings lots of joy and fun. It’s a great energy booster, makes people closer to each other, harmonizes our body and soul and, let’s face it – it’s easier to live through another hard week if you know that something relaxing is waiting for you!

In my opinion, it’s also a good idea if you travel not only for fun sake but in order to improve your health. Nowadays, people spend too much time sitting in the office, eating junk food, drinking too much coffee… Well planned weekends can save us. For instance, you can organize a trekking weekend in order to bring your body in harmony with nature, to breathe fresh air and fill up with positive energy. If we lose connection with nature, we definitely lose ourselves…

For this reason, I have promised myself to slow down my pace a bit, to have more fun and travel more as well. These are my key New Year’s resolutions. What about yours?pexels-photo-273037

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