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Nepal is one of the best places that I ever visited! A few years ago, I and my friend decided to travel to Nepal. In a desire for adventure and a once in a lifetime experience,  we travelled to Nepal not really aware of what to expect. We read on the internet and heard from many people that Nepal is one of the best countries for travel, but one never really knows until you see it with your own eyes! So we packed our bags and dived into the unknown.

They say that after Nepal nothing will ever be the same. Nepal is not only about climbing one of the highest peaks in the World. I could say It is more about you, finding your limits and discovering your inner self. Whether you are wandering the busy and dusty streets of Kathmandu, going on a trek to the incredible mountains or going on a Jeep safari to explore wildlife, you will catch yourself thinking about some inner self-questions about trying to reduce your stress and gain a unique balance in your everyday life. I have never seen so many happy faces as I did on my trip to Nepal. Most of the people there are poor, still sleeping on the ground, but they have the most serene facial expression and always have a smile on their faces. This is the country where material things do not have a role to play in everyday life. And dreams, when you sleep above 3000m, are just incredible!! Of course, words are not enough to describe this amazing country, so I decided to share with you my photos from the trip.   Relax and for a moment enjoy watching them, and who knows, maybe you will tomorrow pack your bags and have your own adventure.

Exploring Kathmandu 
Patan Kathmandu 2


Nepal 2


Annapurna Conservation Area- Trek from Pokhara to Muktinath

Annapurna Jomson trek
Annapurna trek Nepal trek 2

Annapurna trek 2












Chitwan national park, rafting on Seti river and Pokhara

ChitwanChitwan National park

Rafting Nepal


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