Is  responsible tourism utopia or something else, that is the question…

You know how fairytales begin: Once upon a time…Well, let’s start things this way. Once upon a time, people lived in harmony with nature, each other and with their inner self. They knew how to truly love and respect. How to be honest, noble, responsible. It was only natural, like drinking a glass of water when thirsty. Nowadays, everything seems to be soResponsible travel 3 complicated. Modern tendencies definitely took their toll. Somehow, somewhere, we lost this natural behavior. We learn how to love and respect. How to be good parents, friends… maybe I’m over exaggerating, maybe that’s what every generation feels. On the other hand, there’s a little bit of truth in all this.

We all have a friend or two that are yoga fans. You’ve read a few articles, here and there, about yoga and its benefits. On one hand, there are many misconceptions about yoga, but on the other hand, it’s a great thing if you truly let yourself into the spiritual world of yoga.yoga4 It’s not just the practice, it’s the whole concept, lifestyle, including eating habits, state of mind, way of thinking, values. It offers quite different perspective of micro world (inner world of our own being) and macro world (outer world- everything around us). I’ve read somewhere a fantastic quote – ‘health is wealth, a piece of mind happiness, yoga shows the way’. The bare truth itself.

Trekking holidays, like those that are offered by Spirit Journeys, can not only offer the chance to see the world and discover new cultures but they can also provide the chance to drastically improve your health. It is now common knowledge that just 30 minutes of exercise per day can drastically improve your health and one form of exercise that is suitable for any age and fitness level is walking!


After a boom in solo-travelling in the past few decades, small group travelling is now on the rise again. While we don’t discourage solo travelling (as it is a brilliant way to see the world), travelling in small groups has multiple benefits for the intrepid traveller. On the other hand many people, when thinking about group travel, immediately think of large coach tours led around by tour guides with umbrellas orflags; very impersonal, very busy and very pre-planned. Group travel has now evolved to meet the demands of the modern traveller; small group holidaysare the happy medium between daunting solo travelling and large, impersonal group tours – but are they right for you?



Meditation Retreat

Why a meditation retreat ?

How often do we wish to switch off from the every day stress of life.  Constant phone calls, things to do, children, bills to pay, work there is always something to keep our mind occupied.  Meditation allows us to switch off and disconnect from these worries and become at one with ourselves.  To listen to our inner wisdom relax our mind and find some peace in this chaotic world that we live in. And a break away to a meditation retreat is ideal solution to switch off.

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